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Roxy recently featured two tracks from “Birds and Bullets Fly” in their new ad campaigns.

Featuring the song “Honeymoon”.

Listen to the full track: HONEYMOON


Featuring the song “Sirens”.

Listen to the full track: SIRENS

Listen to the full album: BIRDS AND BULLETS FLY

Roxy: Inspired by the mountain and the wave, we’ve been empowering women since 1990.

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Video for the song “Black Cloud” by Dead Ship Sailing. From the record “All Night In”, available on clear, hand-lathe-cut vinyl from deadshipsailing.com, or MP3 from iTunes and other digital streaming services.


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-night-in-ep/id694468597

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Henry, my sweetest friend.


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Dead Ship Sailing

My acoustic guitar is gathering dust. My lack of enthusiasm regarding my solo music disappoints me greatly at times, but sometimes the songs just don’t come and it can be quite frustrating. I am happy to report that my electric guitar has recently been dusted off. My enthusiasm regarding “just not giving a fuck” inspires me greatly these days. Sometimes when you are alone in a room trying to write a song it can be easy to over-think everything, question if its good enough, write and re-write. With my new project with Graig Markel that just isn’t an option. Once a week for the past 13 weeks we’ve been going into the studio with a blank piece of paper, plugging in our guitars, and writing and recording a full song. We give ourselves one evening to complete each song. No time to over-think or question anything. Loud guitars, attitude, and simplicity. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. We’ve posted the first 10 songs we recorded on our website and they can be downloaded for free. We are currently writing a few more songs and then we will re-mix 10 songs and put out a record sometime in the near future. xo


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Filmed by: Marlon Schaeffer

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Letters From Jail – limited edition EP available only at the Seattle City Arts festival show.

There are 3 new tracks, as well as 2 re-mastered songs from Birds And Bullets Fly. I will be posting previews of these new songs today and tomorrow. Check back tomorrow to hear “Break Your Bones” – and I hope to see you on Saturday at the show (show details below). xo

Thursday October 21: Letters From Jail

Friday October 22: Break Your Bones

City Arts Festival

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doors: 8pm


The Crocodile 2200 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

Zera Marvel
Star Anna
Sera Cahoone

Buy your tickets here

10/25/10 UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came to the show and bought a copy of the EP…we sold out of them! xo

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City Arts Festival

While most Seattleites might know Zera Marvel from her onstage appearances with Head Like A Kite – she’s tough to miss – the singer also writes and performs her own material, dark, intimate and bare, yet somehow uplifting. A solo performance from Marvel is a rare one – the singer claims to suffer from stage fright – so… this, her first show in a year, should be a special treat. Show up and give her your support. -City Arts Magazine

Buy Your Tickets HERE

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